Grand Yeoman of York Officers

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Photo of Bruce J. Frazer

Bruce J. Frazer

Deputy Director General


Bruce Frazer was raised a Master Mason by Millersville Lodge, #126, on 22 November 2003. He quickly became a line officer, and was eventually installed as worshipful master for the year 2009.

He became a member of both the York Rite and the Scottish Rite in 2005, but did not become active in those organizations until he had completed his obligations to the blue lodge officer line in 2010. He has since been very active in both Rites and ancillary bodies, completing the Yeomen of York officer line for Preceptory #4 in 2020.

Bruce leaves office as the Commander-in-Chief of the Consistory of the Indianapolis Valley of Scottish Rite in May of 2021, and has been elected to receive the 33rd Degree.

He is also a principal officer of Marvin Isley York Rite College, and has been elected to receive The Order of the Purple Cross.

Bruce is honored—and humbled—to have been invited to serve as an officer in the Grand Line. For The Yeomen  of York, and hopes to be a useful addition to that organization.